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Whether you just run a half marathon, recovering from a surgery, had a hard training session, or just need time to relax and let you body unwind.

ESMPT's recovery room has just what you need. Proper recovery is essential for training and competing at your highest potential, while decreasing your risk for injury, muscle soreness, swelling, and fatigue.

ESMPT's recovery room will provide you with cutting edge state of the art technology. Our team of licensed professionals are able to combine our knowledge sports, biomechanics, and musculoskeletal system to help you prevent injuries, recover from any injury or surgery, and allow you body to recovery efficiently. 

We offer our patients and athletes a variety of packages to establish the right combination of tools to recover your best:

Have sore muscles or want to increase blood flow?                     Percussion Massage Therapy

Need to reduce soreness after a long game?                                      Cryotherapy

Dealing with tightness or myofascial restrictions?                                    Cupping 

Do you need help improving your mobility?                           Assisted Stretching

Cramping or have an increased area of lactid acid?                   Pneumatic Compression Therapy

Dealing with scar tissue or tendinitis?                              Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)