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Direct Access

Our Physical Therapists are Direct Access Certified by the Virginia Board of Medicine

Recently adopted legislation in Virginia enables patients to arrange an appointment directly with a Direct Access Certified Physical Therapist without a prescription. Direct Access to Physical Therapy is now law in 44 states and has been in place in several states for more than two decades. This law improves the public’s access to the traditional medical system and saves healthcare dollars. Earlier intervention speeds recovery. 

We Can Refer

Physical Therapists are highly skilled at evaluating musculoskeletal problems. An integral part of our evaluation process is recognizing signs and symptoms, which may be indicative of conditions that are beyond our expertise or scope of practice. If this occurs, we will immediately contact your Physician to discuss our concerns and arrange for referral to the appropriate specialist. Ongoing communication with your Physician is a routine part of our practice. If at any time during a course of treatment we determine you are not making progress, as would be expected, we will consult with your Physician.

We Receive Referrals

Most of our patients are referred to us by Physicians. If you are currently under the care of a Physician for the problem for which you would like to receive Physical Therapy, you are required to have a prescription to receive Physical Therapy services. Medicare beneficiaries, please note that Medicare and Medicare replacement plans continue to require a Physician prescription.